Process Engineering

Resin-casting Technology

We manufacture moulded parts using polyester, polyeuethane and expoxy resins. These can then be further processed in a similar manner to wood and their surfaces can be coated with lacquers.

The resin is mixed with a hardener and poured into a mould. It hardens into a durable plastic and is ready for further processing after about 24 hours.

We normally use elastic moulds, this allows valuable original forms to be used. It is possible to use a wide variety of materials for the original model, depending on the size , shape and properties required in the manufactured pieces.

Specifications of the materials are given on the following technical data sheets:
    > Polyurethane
    > Polyesther-resin

Silicone Coating

Silicon can be applied as a thin film on the surfaces of a variety of materials.

Coatings, Lacquering and Surface treatments

We can apply lacquers to pieces made from moulded–resin, wood, metal or other materials.

Our enclosed clean air spray booth allows us to apply solvent based lacquers in addition to water based lacquers.

Mould applied lacquers – Lacquering cast resin parts

For some shapes it is possible to apply a special lacquer to the mould before the resin is poured into the mould. (Patent registered)